The Good Fridge is a new digital service that simplifies complicated food labels, long ingredient lists and confusing health signals on food products. We will show you whether the food you put in your shopping basket meets your unique preferences. Simple and transparent.

The Good Fridge is currently up and running in Denmark
(coming soon outside Denmark)




When you activate The Good Fridge in your favourite online grocery store (currently only available in Denmark), you will get a simple score on all food products, indicating how well it matches your preferences for what you want the food to contain. You can follow the composition of your shopping cart and also get simple suggestions for alternative products that are in line with your personal preferences.


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All foods get a Good Fridge score

All foods get a Good Fridge score that indicates how well the food matches you and your preferences.


Your basket gets a Good Fridge score

The Good Fridge helps you stay on top of the situation by also calculating a total score for your entire shopping basket matches you and your preferences.



We have made it easy to assess the content of both individual food products and an entire shopping basket. This is how our scoring system works: 

indkøbskurv topfelt grøn Stor Copy.png

GREEN (80-100 points)

A good match for you and your preferences.

indkøbskurv topfelt gul Stor Copy.png

YELLOW (50-79 points)

A medium match for you and your preferences.

indkøbskurv topfelt rød Stor Copy.png

RED (0-49 points)

A bad match for you and your preferences.


Taylormade for you

We are convinced that you are the one who knows best what is right for you. You do not need us to tell you. On the other hand, we would really like to make it easier for you to make the right choices. Therefore, you can customize The Good Fridge to your needs and wishes, so scoring of food and shopping carts will be based on your preferences.

Do you want to follow a special diet? Want to eat less sugar? Do you have any goals for your lifestyle you would like to meet? In that case, it should be easy for you to have The Good Fridge take care of it.

That means scoring of products and shopping carts is based on your unique preferences. For example, a product that has a green score for you may have a yellow score for another or vice versa.

The Good Fridge is your very own personalised shopperguide.



The purpose of the Good Fridge is not to fuel health fanaticism, but rather to support us all make better decisions every time we shop for groceries. 

We do not believe that there is a need to disrupt our eating habits and shopping patterns in order for us all to live a little healthier. Instead we firmly believe that sustainable change comes from the small changes we all make in our everyday life.

This is why our starting point is you and your everyday grocery shopping. From there, we hope to empower you to make your own slightly better choices while you are shopping. We believe that the best time to get the most helpful insight and information is just around the moment you put the food in your shopping basket. And as we say at The Good Fridge:


"If you keep good food in the fridge, you will also eat good food."